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Ok {{answer_26629879}}, we're going to present you with a few statements across a number of topics that are essential for success in the fitness industry. For each statement you'll need to respond as it stands today. Please be as honest as possible. At the end you'll receive your score along with some guidance on things to consider to further your progress.

Lets get started with Clarity & Vision...

Clarity & Vision

This includes your long term ultimate goal for your career and the priorities that truly matter to you.
I have a clear goal that I'm striving towards and a clear set of values that underpin how I operate

I completely understand my own personal motivations and regularly check in with my progress

I completely understand my target audience, their problems and their needs

Now we're going to take a look at ENVIRONMENT

Not just your working environment but the digital one and also the environment you create through your approach.
I work in a welcoming environment that helps to settle new clients and keeps existing clients feeling at ease and safe

I have social assets (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, instagram) and use them regularly and consistently to engage with my audience

I welcome every single interaction with a warm smile and genuine care

Ok, it's time to consider RELATIONSHIPS

Our profession is all about relationships...and not just with prospects and clients
I approach new and existing relationships by seeking where I can help, add value and benefit people

I have a database of prospects / clients that I routinely add to securely storing information about my audience

I have a network of partners, friends and affiliates that I aim to build upon

We're getting there! Now time to consider your ENGAGEMENT

It's all very well having great contacts but how are you at connecting with and engaging your audience?
I follow up on all enquiries / leads and take responsibility to make sure people have received my communications

I have consistent marketing channels with regular engagement

I take time to periodically check in with current clients, their needs and their goals and support them in moving forwards

Part of your job is the motivate people but how's your BUZZ?

Looking after your enthusiasm and passion is key for longevity
I feel passionate about what I'm doing

I continually work on professional and self development to ensure that I'm able to offer the best possible serve to my clients

I make time on a daily / weekly basis for the things that keep me happy

Final section {{answer_26629879}}, PROFESSIONALISM

Whether you're working by yourself or as part of a team, presenting a professional setup to your audience is crucial
I work within my professional boundaries and always signpost clients when necessary

I stay calm and always look to find solutions

I take complete responsibility for my actions even when things don't pan out as I'd planned

You've finished all the questions! After you receive your score, would you like one of our careers advisors to contact you so you can get a personalised report designed to help you towards your goals?

Your score is {{var_score}}/54 well done - Rookie!

Whilst you have some things in place there are a lot of areas that you can improve. By having clear and professional systems in place you'll be in a strong position to deliver an excellent service to your current and future client base that is sustainable and allows you to grow without working all hours of the day. 

Your enthusiasm is a real asset and you find building new relationships no problem. By becoming more efficient with simple systems you'll be able to maximise your time and start to realise where your potential can take you.
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Your score is {{var_score}}/54 nice work - Role Model!

You're a great example for many in the industry who aren't quite as organised. You've clearly got systems in place that help you to be efficient but there's still some improvement to be made. To get to that next level there needs to be a little more focus and refinement both in your long term goals and how you manage your time. Becoming more efficient will help you to leverage a lot more and make a lot more use of your resources, accelerating your path to success. 

Your experience is a real asset and your established relationships are an excellent foundation to build from.  By reviewing and tweaking what you already have, you'll be amazed at how quickly things can start progressing for you.
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Your score is {{var_score}}/54 great work -  Champion!

Wow! You are well on the way to realising your potential. You've clearly taken the time to invest in your own development both personally and professionally and it shows. But before you crack open the bubbly, there's still some improvements that can be made that will really help you to absolutely smash your long term goals.

Your experience, passion, knowledge and organisational skills are real strengths for you and there's a lot of fellow professionals who could really learn lessons from you.

By aligning your systems with your long term goals and streamlining your processes you can really start to accelerate your progress and take you toward truly realising your potential much quicker.
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